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I’m Alexandra Vanthournout, aka Alex Loves, a 28 year old Belgian freelance fashion journalist living and working in London. After a few years paying my dues at big magazines and fashion houses, I decided to try things my own way, and one very boring rainy morning in November 2009, Alex Loves was born.

The blog does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s the stuff I love, from high street to high end fashion, catwalk to street style, hotel reviews to my favourite recipes… These are the adventures of a pretty average girl who accidentally and unintentionally became a professional blogger.

Since starting Alex Loves, life has been a complete rollercoaster ride, all of which you can discover on the blog. I was the first blogger to be asked to write for Chanel News and have been lucky enough to do so several times since! I’ve met some incredible people along the way and have been to even more amazing places.

I only write about things I truly love. That’s why I called it Alex Loves. This is my little dreamworld, a bit like a permanently updated shopping wishlist. If you see a few ads or affiliate links on here, that’s because sadly, dreaming doesn’t pay the bills. But rest assured, this does not affect my content or opinions.

In the Spring of 2013 I started running and fell in love with exercise. This made me look at sportswear in a whole new way, and in June 2013, I launched a second website all about this, called Fashercise, which has since been relaunched as a full blown online retailer – now my full time job. Do check it out!

I love hearing your thoughts, comments, ideas, so if you have something to show me, ask me, tell me then email me on me@alexloves.com or just find me on Twitter.

Love, Alex

All images are my own or by its credited sources. Should any of them not have the right credit or cannot be used on this site, please contact me and I will take appropriate measures. Please do not take my pictures without crediting me and my blog appropriately.


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