My first Nike ID trainers

I have new shoes.

Yes, I know… so what? Well, I’m particularly excited about these shoes because I designed them myself. I’ve always wanted to get some Nike ID’s made, but spent hours and hours on the website trying to make my dream shoes and could never quite decide on what I wanted – too. much. bloody. choice. But since starting Fashercise I’ve left my high-heel days behind and I now spend my days wearing trainers, whether we’re working out or not (my feet aren’t complaining…), so having a choice of badass sneakers is a must. An investment, a necessity – at least that’s what I tell myself whenever I walk out of Nike Town carrying a new pair.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Nike Free, me and Cam were invited to a big event in central London, where we learned about the history of the iconic trainers and were introduced to the latest models. We also got to test them on a run with Paula Radcliffe (obviously), worked out in them with Nike Training Club and finally got to design our own pair with Nike ID. Which is how I got my hands on my first ever Nike sneakers I designed myself at last.

Designing them is easy, and yet the hardest thing at the same time. At first I may have gone a little bit overboard with all the different options, but when I saw the result it was basically like a rainbow had thrown up on a pair of perfectly lovely shoes so I started again, going for simple instead. For the first time you can’t only choose just your colours, but a few of the new Nike ID trainers now have the option of graphic prints for the swoosh and the laces, so I picked one of them – a little different from the many Nike’s I already have. It usually takes a couple of weeks for the shoes to be made and shipped, but I got mine really quickly which was a lovely surprise. I’ve had these bad boys for just a week now and they haven’t left my feet. Everyone seems to love them, comments on them and the fact that I’ve designed them myself makes that extra special.

The only problem I have now is that I want to design about 10 pairs more…  it’s a slippery slope! My other trainers don’t feel quite as cool now they don’t have Alex Loves on them :)

You can make your own Nike Free 5.0 ID from £120.

To read more about the newest Nike Free models, head over to Fashercise for the full story!

IMG_6473Nike Free 5.0 ID © Nike Free 5.0 ID © IMG_6465 Nike Free 5.0 ID ©www.alexloves.comNike Free 5.0 ID © Nike Free 5.0 ID ©www.alexloves.comNike Free 5.0 ID © BmVkhHjIMAE9W3G.jpg-largeIn case you were wondering, I do have a lot of trainers these days. This is just a selection… #addicted


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