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It’s been a while, I know. Fear not Alex Loves is definitely not dead, I just needed a little time to find my feet in my new role as a badass business woman. As you may or may not know, I’ve decided to pursue my dream of starting my own business, and as of 2014, me and my friend Camille have been transforming my once-upon-a-time side project Fashercise into something big and exciting. It’s been an adjustment, but it’s by far the best thing I’ve ever done.

Fashercise is all about having fun whilst getting fit. Looking good whilst doing exercise. Feeling good being active. Whatever all of those things might mean to you. As the founder and director of this company, people expect me to be that girl. Most of the time, I am. But some days, I don’t feel like that at all. Ironically – and despite the fact I’ve been a fashion blogger for almost 5 years – for the first time ever, I feel pressure to look a certain way. In the past 6 months since this adventure started, I’ve run several 10k’s, a half marathon and I work out most days. I’m probably fitter than most girls out there, I can do push ups with the best of them, but I still have a bum to rival a Kardashian (and I get to say that, I actually met one), and I probably always will.

Look. I am happier than I’ve been in a long time, I’m generally a confident girl, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little wobble once in a while. In the past I’ve been very conscious about appearing on Alex Loves in normal clothing, so when I was asked to do a shoot in sportswear… well, I definitely had a bit of a confidence wobble.

When you feel bad about yourself, being seen in public in sportswear is just about the worst thing you can imagine. Here’s the amazing thing though: the right kit has the power to do just the opposite – it’ll make you want to go for a run, it’ll make you want to be fit. And that’s what Fashercise is all about: me and Cam are normal girls – not athletes. I’ve accepted that I don’t feel comfortable in anything other than black and dark colours, so I embrace it. The pieces I chose to wear from Forever 21 aren’t loud, aren’t bright, and yet they’re really cool. My black long sleeved top – with thumb holes – has a simple reflective line going down at the back. My black jacket? Waterproof, mesh detailing at the back. I tied it around my waist, so I felt a bit less self conscious. My leggings look fairly simple at first, but another nice mesh insert adds a little something extra. The sports bras are really awesome, so I chose several – brightly coloured and with interesting detailing.

When you’re not feeling 100% happy with your body (and let’s face it, what girl truly is?), sportswear can be intimidating; believe me, I’ve spent the past month wearing pretty much nothing else. Being active – whether for you that is yoga or running or tennis or zumba  – has the power to fix that, it has the power to make you happy and it’ll give you a spring in your step. So if tiny shorts and bold coloured prints scare you off, be comfortable in dark colours just like I do, and look for interesting details instead. It doesn’t need to cost the earth (my entire outfit in this shoot was just over £50) and you can still look stylish.

I’m slowly learning to accept myself for who I am and it’s not been easy at all. But I make sure that everything I do is something I can be proud of, and against all odds (and despite my confidence wobble) I’m proud that I managed to overcome that and am truly becoming a Fashercise girl. So put on your gym kit. Turn up your music. Ignore everyone else and just enjoy. Because no one ever regrets going for a run or a workout. That’s a fact.

(All of the lovely kit provided by Forever 21, which definitely helped me get over my wobble)






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