Instagram Marshmallows from Boomf!

During London Fashion Week (in February, I just can’t believe how quickly time has gone…!) I always love hanging out at The Apartment – the ultimate bloggers’ refuge from the madness where we can work comfortably, get pampered and basically get spoiled rotten. It’s always a great opportunity to discover new brands and products, and this season I got to meet the lovely folks at Boomf, who’ve found a way to make your Instagram pictures good enough to eat. Literally.

I always wish I could do more with my Instagram snaps, like print them or turn them into something else – but Boomf has definitely taken to a new level. The London-based company (James Middleton is one of the people behind it, should that interest you) can turn you snaps into yummies in just a few steps: you can choose your favourite Instagram pics (or someone else’s) and turn them into squishy marshmallows to dunk into your hot chocolate or coffee. As I was rushing between shows I didn’t have a lot of time to choose my pics, but I went for a Chanel theme (obvs) with a few others mixed in. The box arrived a day later and truthfully it was almost too pretty to eat.


Dunking my mom’s face into my morning coffee was totally worth it.

Boomf Instagram marshmallows are available from £12 for a box of 9. I think they’d make such great birthday and party gifts – if you want some awesome inspiration just check out the Boomf Instagram account!


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