A stylish lunch with SONOS

Lunch with Sonos

I can’t say it enough – I have the best job in the world. Although I started out in fashion, I love how this blog is giving me such a wide variety of experiences. Like last week, when I was invited to go and have an incredible lunch in a beautiful private home in London whilst experiencing and learning about the SONOS audio systems. Doesn’t get much better than that, right? Wrong. Getting not one but two SONOS PLAY:1 speakers to take home was the cherry on top.

You may not know this about me, but I’m a massive music buff (some might say snob, but hey). I work from home and the first thing I do every morning is turning on the radio or playing my Spotify playlists. The only thing I’ve been missing really is decent speakers – my laptop doesn’t quite cut it for a real music experience, the way the artist intended.

Anyway, so this lunch. We were invited to an incredible private home in the heart of Shoreditch, which had been completely styled by the design geniuses over at Wallpaper* magazine (which is, weirdly, where I got my career start!). The place itself was beyond belief – 3 floors of slick, minimalist design with massive outdoor spaces and a view over the City you simply can’t help but gawp at. Bad day for me to bring the wrong lens, so sadly I could only do detail shots. Either way, it was the perfect place to experience what SONOS speakers can do.

SONOS has a number of speakers in their range, but we were there to be introduced to the latest member of the family, the SONOS PLAY:1. Compact and discreet, this little speaker ranks up there with the bigger speakers – just ask my neighbours. The beauty of SONOS is that it’s a wireless system, which connects as many speakers as you want through a bridge and comes with an app for you phone or tablet from which you play the music. No wires to plug in, no docking – just open your app and play away. It’s so easy and effortless even my parents would be able to do it (that’s saying something).

I got home and set up my app, the bridge. 2 speakers and had my favourite music blasting in less than 10 mins. I’ve set up one speaker in my bedroom, one in my living room, and can control both simultaneously on the app, even playing different music on each. What I love about the system is that I gradually add to my little network in the future without any hassle, should I want to get additional rooms hooked up. My music hasn’t been off in nearly 2 weeks and I’m loving every minute of it.

For tips on how to maximise the acoustics in your home for a perfect listening experience, scroll all the way to the bottom of this post!

The SONOS PLAY:1 comes in black or white and is available from October 29th for £169, and in the run up to the Christmas period, you will get the Bridge (£39) for free. Great Christmas present idea for pretty much everyone…



Sonos Play 1 Lunch ©www.alexloves.com


Dream home office…



Sonos Play 1 Lunch ©www.alexloves.com




obligatory mirror shot


Lovely Abi







Sonos Play 1 Lunch ©www.alexloves.com

Sonos Play 1 Lunch ©www.alexloves.com

The SONOS family








IMG_0036 copy


 My new SONOS speakers:


The difference between me and a professional photographer:



Want to make the most of the space you’ve got? Here’s some tips from the team at SONOS on how to maximise the acoustics in your house:

AMPLIFYING THE ACOUSTICS IN YOUR HOME - How to create the ultimate home listening experience – Intro: The perfect sound space What we strive for when developing the perfect sound space is a room that allows sound waves to be reflected and absorbed in balanced proportions to allow the depth and tone of a piece of music to play out. Ultimately, we want a space that enables us to listen to music the way it was created to be heard. The structural design of a room can play a large role in affecting the acoustics of a room. However, few homes are constructed with acoustics and music listening at the heart of the design, so we need to rely on accessories to help create a balanced sound. Top Tips to Improving Your Home Acoustics: 1. Assess Your Room: Find out how your room handles sound waves. If your room is too lively (e.g. it echoes), this could be due to a large number of reflective surfaces and objects within the room (e.g. concrete floors, large quantities of glass/windows). To counter act a lively room, place materials within the space that will absorb sound, such as rugs, soft furnishings and floor to ceiling drapes 2. Reduce Outside Interference: Ensure all window and doors are suitably sealed and close tightly to reduce unwanted outside noise that will distort the sound within your room. 3. Eliminate Vibrations: Identify any buzzes and rattles in the home e.g. lamps, vases and ornaments displayed on a hard surface. These can be remedied quickly and inexpensively by placing felt pads between the bottom of the object and the surface they sit on. This will remove unwanted noises within the home that interfere with the sound you are trying to create. 4. Bring Your Speakers Forward: Design is at the heart of the SONOS brand and this is reflected in the beautifully designed and constructed speakers. Ensure you avoid hiding your speakers away, or placing them in small confined spaces/cubby holes as this will affect the sound the speakers produce due to the immediate reflection of the sound waves emitted. 5. Play Your Speakers to their Strengths: You’ve heard the saying two heads are better than one? The same goes for speakers – stereo pair your speakers to create an even sound throughout the room. To boost the bass, try adding a subwoofer to the corner of your room, this is the best place to influence the ‘standing waves’ or ‘room modes’ within the room to create the most bass. 5 Key Objects For Awesome Acoustics In Your Home Book cases – the irregular shape and structure of a book case helps break up sound, whilst books are great absorbents of sound waves which helps prevent ‘echo’ Floor to ceiling drapes – drapes can be used to set the mood of a room and add designer flare, but they are also great at covering hard, reflective surfaces and balancing the sound in your room. Be sure to install floor to ceiling drapes, otherwise the bare wall will become a more concentrated area reflecting sound waves, which will distort the sound. Framed fabric and wall hangings – fabric wall art acts as a great absorber of sound waves and can brighten up a room, adding artistic flair. Be sure to avoid adding a class front to any framed fabric as this will reflect the sound waves Soft Furnishings – a large soft sofas made up of thin material is one of the most effective pieces of furniture for helping to create a balanced sound. Not only does it break up the sound in the room, but it softens the sound and can reduce echo Rugs – For rooms with a high ratio of hard surfaces e.g. concrete/wooden floors, rugs act as a fantastic absorbent to reduce reflection Best Materials For Reducing Echo Wool Cotton Polyfill stuffing used in furniture and stuffed animals Fibre glass Items To Avoid When Improving Your Room Acoustics Large uncovered, wooden objects Large areas of glass Concrete flooring Loose hanging light fixtures

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