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When I was 18, I went through a bit of a skater girl phase. Trucker caps and my checked Vans slip-ons were standard attire (thank god Twitter wasn’t around back then, heh?). I loved those Vans, I wore them so often they had that faded, vintage feel to them, the kind of look you simply can’t buy. My mom, however, didn’t agree. She continues to deny it to this day, but one day they disappeared, and I’m convinced she threw away.

Anyway, I was pretty upset at the time, but as the Vans went away, so did my trucker caps and that phase, and I didn’t think of them much more. Until recently. There’s a been a bit of a revival of the slip on trainers, with big name fashion houses all releasing luxury versions of this oh-so-comfy shoe. Suddenly, I found myself wishing I had those dirty old trainers again, but because I can’t, I just went and bought myself some new ones instead (take that, mom!).

Céline had a calf-hair leopard print version in their last collection, which were an immediate sell-out. Being a bit of a leopard-print fan, I wanted them really badly, but there was no way of getting them, so I went for the next best thing: Carvela Kurt Geiger  have a similar pair for a fraction of the price, and quite frankly, they look just as good (in my humble opinion). For the past week, these babies haven’t left my feet – they’re comfy and stylish and I can wear them all day long.

I still have my eye on a pair of Vans though, for old times’ sake…

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10 of the best stylish slip on trainers around: 

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