First Look Inside Chanel’s New Bond Street Flagship


This morning I had the immense pleasure of being the very first person to walk through the doors of the impressive newly-opened flagship Chanel maison on Bond Street. 18 months in the making, the boutique is an impressive 12.600 square foot heaven over 3 floors where Chanel lovers (like myself!) can enjoy every aspect of the iconic French fashion house.

Chanel 158 New Bond Street was designed by renowned architect Peter Marino – who incidentally is also responsible for the amazing Maison Louis Vuitton just across the street – and rather than trying to impress with a futuristic new design, he stayed true to the brand’s core roots, using Coco Chanel’s famous Rue Cambon apartment as an inspiration. The store is based around a central atrium, featuring a gigantic pearl necklace artwork by French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel which goes all the way up to the third floor.

On the ground floor you’ll find the Bag Bar – a space solely dedicated to all the bags, both classic and seasonal – which just by itself is the size of the entire previous boutique. There’s a space dedicated to the watches, jewellery, beauty, small leather goods, sunglasses and just about every Chanel accessory you could possibly imagine. The first floor brings you to the ready-to-wear and shoe areas, currently filled with the Métiers d’Art Paris-Edimbourg collection. For me personally it’s a great joy to see the full collection in store, as I was so lucky to have attended the show in Scotland back in December. The second floor is a more intimate space made to look like the apartment, which boast some more exclusive (couture) pieces and can be closed off for VIP shopper. The walls are covered in gold tweed, the

Throughout the store there’s a number of especially commissioned artworks, chosen to complement the store as well as vintage furniture and carpets to give the boutique a very cosy feel, as if you’ve just walked into someone’s (very impressive) home. There’s an abundance of seating areas (for husbands, perhaps?) and the dressing rooms are about the size of a London studio apartment. With the new boutique, Chanel hopes to lower the threshold for people coming to the store and turn it into a destination on its own – the idea being you don’t have to be able to afford it, to be able to enjoy going to the store. I’ve never seen this much Chanel stocked within one place, so it’s almost a museum for all things Chanel. Personally, I couldn’t think of a happier place to be…

Chanel Flagship Boutique London
158-159 New Bond Street
Opens to the public Wednesday June 12th

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