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 I love Instagram. It’s become such a central part of my blog (and my life), allowing you to communicate a thousand words with the power of a simple picture. I love how it has made me look at things differently, notice the beauty in the detail and create a lasting memory of a snapshot moment. I did always think it’s a shame that these memories were strictly confined to my phone.

So you can imagine my joy at receiving a surprise delivery from this morning, who had turned a number of my Instagram snaps into polaroid-style pictures and stickers. It’s nice to finally be able to hold and display some of my favourite snaps – I’m about to order some more and turn them into a huge framed collage. Watch this space…

Printing your Instagram snaps couldn’t be easier with, and for just £8 for 18 Polaroid pictures or 24 stickers there’s no reason not to. I also think I might start printing some of my friends’ Instagram images as little gifts – a personalised present like this beats a bottle of wine or flowers when I next go to dinner, right?

As a little treat for you, have given me an amazing 20% off for all my readers – just enter promo code ALEXLOVES at checkout!

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