Neon Words


So I have this big, empty, white wall.

I sit and stare at it every single day when I’m working from my kitchen table and it just screams for something interesting to happen to it. I’ve considered photography or prints, but I’ve decided what would really look great is a neon artwork, with a word or a quote which could inspire me every day.

The only problem is, I don’t think I could ever decide on what would be the right words, the right typography, the right colour and size, so I’ve just been pinning a lot of inspirations lately – these are some of my favourites. As for my wall… well I can’t quite afford a Tracey Emin just yet, so it may just have to stay a boring white wall for a bit longer.

If you could have any quote to inspire you, what would it be?

it was just a kiss





De La Warr Pavilion Installation Best One colour corrected_PFM16_RVB_0002


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