10 Best… Little Black Summerdresses


My wardrobe consists of 90% black items. I am simply, unashamedly, totally in love with the colour black – it’s elegant, slimming, timeless and always adds a little rock ‘n roll. Then summer comes along (ok well, some warm days come along) and suddenly it’s apparently no longer ok to dress head-to-toe in black – too depressing, apparently – and out come the pastels and whites and prints and flashy colours. Although I can appreciate a little colour once in a while, I’ve decided to accept the fact that it’s simply not me and embrace some summer-appropriate Little Black Dresses instead. Still elegant, still slimming, still timeless, still a little rock ‘n roll, just a little more… summery. And what’s even better, come winter you can just add some tights and a cardigan and they’re still ok to wear. Can’t do that with your little white dress, can you?

Black 1 – every other colour 0.

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