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Knuckleduster rings are definitely having a moment. I was a little wary of them at first, not sure how having a ring connect several fingers at once would affect my ability to use them, but since getting my fabulous ASOS pair, I’m hooked (literally, I suppose!). I’m on the hunt for some more – perhaps slightly more subtle ones – and thought I’d share some of my favourite finds on the web so far.

IMG_3608 p.s. How do you store your rings? Mine are always all over the place, and can never find them when I need them, so lately I’ve enlisted the help of Zac, Isaac and Taylor, my naughty Ottmar Horl gnomes (I named them after the Hanson brothers, obviously) to keep hold of mine. If you’re looking for a slightly… less offensive way of storing them, have a look at these wonderful ring holding ideas. Inside a sausage dog, on a giraffe’s neck or even on bunny ears? Why the hell not…

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