Greetings from Marakkech.


Apologies for the complete lack of updates for a while now. Sometimes – although not that often – even bloggers need to close their laptops, put their SLR’s and mobile phones down, stop Tweeting and Instagramming (well, almost) and take a little break from it all. The past couple of months have been manic and wonderful and so much fun, but in the past few weeks I felt like my batteries were running on empty. So, last week I decided to take an impromptu break to sunny Marakkech with an old friend. So far I’ve read 3 books in 4 days, slept for more than 5 hours a night, relaxed in the truest sense of the word and looked after myself a little more. The sun has made me look a little bit more… alive and it’s been wonderful just having a bit of “me” time.

I’ll be back soon, refreshed and inspired once again, promise! (Ironically, one of the first things I’ll do when I get back is… going on a press trip to Morocco.)



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