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To celebrate the launch of O2’s new Pay & Go Go Go tariff where you get more benefits as time goes on , they’ve created a Future Timeline, which functions a little like a Facebook timeline, only going forward instead of backwards. To launch Future Timeline, I was asked to predict future fashion trends in a video alongside prominent music, film, sports and art bloggers. I had to pinpoint some key trends for this summer and bury them in a ‘time capsule’, to be revisited in 6 months time. Of course, I had a little bit of an unfair advantage over the others, as fashion works over a year ahead of time – mine wasn’t so much predicting as it was stating what I already knew… the main difficulty was finding those trends in stores right now, which will effortlessly translate into summer.

Anyway, some key high street trends I chose for summer were NEON ACCENTS, STUDS, PRINT DENIM, OVERSIZED SUNGLASSES and ROSE GOLD. Not all made it into the film but you can have  a look at my full selection below. In 6 months’ time, all 5 of us will return to our time capsules and prove whether we were wrong or right…

To celebrate the launch of the video and the Future Timeline, O2 held a party at Google HQ, where we were treated to an evening of music, talks and general fun. There were themed blue drinks, delicious nibbles, a palm reader (who told me I have a rather special line only few people have, inlcuding… Tony Blair!).

Make sure you watch our predictions below and check out your personal Future Timeline here – mine predicted I will be on set for the new Bond film in a year, drop a dress size and go on a wildlife adventure… what does yours hold?

Massive thanks to O2 for getting me involved! Let’s meet again in 6 months and see how right or wrong we were… (I will be right. There, I said it.)



IMG_0929 IMG_0934 IMG_7159IMG_7165

Novelty sunglasses are sadly not next season’s trend. Or is it?


IMG_7255IMG_0940 IMG_0943 IMG_0948IMG_7266 IMG_7270

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