London Fashion Week Blogger Essentials


Yep. In a mere couple of hours, London Fashion Week is back. This will be my 11th season, so I think that makes me a veteran now. Still, every season brings its own challenges and changes. Over the past seasons I’ve experienced everything from snow to sweltering temperatures, the pre and post twitter era and evolving from covering it as a journalist to blogger. The lesson here: be prepared for everything.

Except, I’m not usually very organised. I’m more of a chaotic mess, to be honest. I don’t plan my outfits in advance, and I’ll always always ALWAYS end up forgetting something important at home. Well, not this time. I’ve decided to prepare the hell out of it, so that I can actually enjoy myself rather than stress out about small things. I’ve just made a little rail with outfits, so I don’t need to panic in the morning, I’ve charged every single device, I’ve got an empty memory card waiting for me to fill it up. As I was packing my (brand new) bag for tomorrow, I thought I’d share some of my blogger essentials* with you…

*note: some of these may not be quite so… essential. 

IMG_1242 copy

1. Statement handbag. Obviously. This neon Proenza Schouler PS1 is my mom’s new bag but I’m stealing it for the week…
2. … because she totally copied my matching PS1 wallet. I got it first. MINE MINE MINE. 
3. Tickets, so you can actually go to shows. It’s helpful.
4. When in heels, bring flats. These are long, long, long days, feet suffer. I designed these Upper Street beauties myself.
5. Spare jewellery. You know. Just in case.
6. Compeed saves the day.
7. A beverage of sorts as it’s really easy to forget to drink and eat during the mayhem.
8. A little snack. See above.
9. Nail polish, in case you have a chip. Not that anyone really cares.
10. iPad Mini – perfect for snapping away, doing some work on the go and playing poker when waiting for shows to begin.
11. A toy tank. It’s a warzone out there… best be prepared. 
12. Statement sunnies. Acceptable even when not sunny, hides a multitude of sins – a must by Day 2. 
13. Magic 8 Ball. Because I make all my decisions with this guy.
14. Chargers – iPhone, iPad, Camera
15. Extra lenses. Oh how I miss the days I would do the shows with a little point and shoot camera… 




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