Caroline Issa for L.K. Bennett

Caroline Issa x LK BENNETT

Just this morning I was having a conversation about designer collaborations and how it would be nice to see something other than celebrities and huge designers collaborating with brands, a collaboration with interesting people perhaps. Well, L.K. Bennett did just that. Caroline Issa may be a well known figure within the fashion industry, both as a Fashion Director at Tank Magazine as well as becoming a bit of a streetstyle photographer’s darling for her immaculate style, but let’s face it, most high street shoppers would never have heard of her before.

This is why I find this collaboration particularly interesting. Recently, L.K. Bennett has made headlines mostly for Kate Middleton’s ongoing love affair with their shoes, but as nice she may look wearing them, it doesn’t exactly give the label a fashion edge. And though she may not be a trained designer, Caroline Issa’s eclectic and much respected personal style make her perfectly qualified to add a much needed boost of edge, of colour and of  fun to the label, whilst staying true to the brand’s core designs. It’s all about the pompoms.

 Caroline Issa for L.K. Bennett is available to buy in stores and online now. 

Caroline Issa x LK BENNETTcaro issa 3


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