A Valentine’s Day Treat from Aubaine


This is my first Valentine’s Day as a single girl in a while and I’ve kind of been avoiding the whole thing. I’m definitely a bit of a romantic – not that I cared about V-Day that much about it when I wasn’t single, but it’s definitely not that fun when you are. So this year I decided to just ignore it – no Valentine’s Day gift guides, no nothing. I’m not expecting flowers and chocolates from secret admirers to magically show up at my doorstep either, because that only happens in the movies, and apparently, the movies aren’t real.

Well, earlier today, it became real. Chocolate appeared out of nowhere (well that’s not entirely true, there was a nice man holding it) along with a red envelope. A secret admirer? Ok, perhaps not. But an amazing surprise from Aubaine which made my day. Inside the box is a special Valentine’s Day treat of 4 handmade raspberry and pistachio macarons. The kicker? The box is edible. The box is made out of chocolate. You. can. eat. the. box. Yes, YOU CAN JUST EAT THE ENTIRE BOX. No need to open it, just devour the macaroons and all in one go (I didn’t, promise. But it seemed like it would be fun…)

If that doesn’t say I Love You, I don’t know what does.

On sale at all Aubaine restaurants until 14th of February for just £14.50.

p.s. I’ve never enjoyed breaking my pre-fashion week diet as much! 

Aubaine Valentine's Day
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