IMG 9831 850x566 Snow Day

I have been LOVING the snow. It brings out the child in me and I tend to go a little crazy… Over the weekend, I went for a long snowy walk with my friend Kate (Fabric of my Life), and I finally got to take out my new Topshop fedoras for a spin.

The beautiful scenery was also the perfect excuse to play around with my RadLab vintage filters, which made the harsh white of the snow a lot ofter. RadLab is definitely my favourite photo editing tool and will do a real post on it soon!

IMG 9837 850x566 Snow Day

IMG 9850 850x566 Snow Day

IMG 9866 850x566 Snow Day

XMG 99905292 850x493 Snow Day

IMG 9835 850x566 Snow Day

IMG 9867 850x566 Snow Day

IMG 9854 850x566 Snow Day

IMG 9873 850x566 Snow Day

IMG 9872 850x566 Snow Day

IMG 9833 850x566 Snow Day

IMG 6852 850x637 Snow DayIMG 9969 850x566 Snow DayIMG 9876 850x566 Snow Day

IMG 9878 850x566 Snow Day IMG 9886 850x566 Snow Day

IMG 9889 850x634 Snow Day



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  • Alex Vanthournout (@Alexxxje)

    BLOGGED: Snow Day!!! ft @fabricofmylife @Topshop

  • Alex Vanthournout (@Alexxxje)

    @fabricofmylife you like your pics? I adoooore them!

  • Absolutely Mrs. K

    OMG so much snow!!!! look at the streets, gorgeous! and still in love with the palm tree! oh and that vintage car… love it! makes me go ooohhh and aaaahhhh

    • Alex Loves

      There is nothing quite like London in the snow… it’s a magical and slippery place. xxx

  • i am not a celebrity

    Beautiful! Love that one of you in the blizzard.

    PS. Miss your face.


    • Alex Loves

      Thanks boo! x

  • tina @ colourliving

    These photos are magical. Kate looks adorable. The 5th photo is my fav… stunning!!!
    That tree decor. What exactly is it?

    • Alex Loves

      Thanks! Do you mean the bird hotel? (that’s what I’ve named it at least) Beautiful, isn’t it? I think it might be an artwork? I’ve spotted a few around the Islington/Clerkenwell area, but never really found out who they’re by. Will do some research!

  • Alex Vanthournout (@Alexxxje)

    BLOGGED: Playing around in the snow…

  • Alex Vanthournout (@Alexxxje)

    BLOGGED: Fun in the snow!

  • Alex Loves (@alexlovesblog)

    BLOGGED: Snow Day!

  • Vicky kim

    Wow I love the photos!!! your post like this make me wanna visit London so badly!!