Lookbook Love: ASOS SS13


So… I have spent the past few hours drooling over the new ASOS SS13 lookbook, and I have to say, it’s their best collection yet! There’s just so many great pieces and so many great accessories in the new collection, it is hard to pick a favourite. As you know, ASOS stocks so much I’ve had to narrow it down (yes, this is the edited version!) to my favourite looks, which I’ve paired with my favourite accessories. I really, really can’t wait for some of these to go live! *hides bank card*



26d239c4-69b1-4fc8-8ebc-6399781c5435 197aba61-fadf-43e7-9339-14194aeec263 28880f60-f719-4500-8d39-0c1704cf863e

6ee6f7d5-a94a-436c-900d-adb80b0845e1 096087bf-5b5a-4fb8-a2da-9bcf89054498 ba1b3f21-e7f8-40d1-b0ca-491315b10009 bd6e103c-bcf0-461b-8718-f3babfca2b2e be182735-3228-40a4-946e-f1b9f6aa4420 cd27c290-4270-41bf-a8b2-047aec7aecff cee4ca33-45cb-438e-b683-613f6cbbe6b7 da42112d-9ab7-4d47-8cc4-8aa38806f6c7
db9b09bc-19c1-4461-ac86-b06c1031fb4d dbf57de7-5232-4676-8c2d-fa689cec1cc7 e7469abf-da60-4ff2-b2d5-e178ac635316 f34a8fdc-c35b-44f2-83d8-30b6aa0e73f6 ASOS SS13

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