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A couple of months ago, I was invited to attend the top-secret launch of Jimmy Choo‘s new perfume Flash at the top of the amazing Gherkin. Now Flash has finally hit the shops and I can finally tell you all about it!

Flash is Jimmy Choo’s second venture into fragrance (following the very successful Jimmy Choo perfume) and it perfectly compliments the brand’s aesthetic – sexy and luxurious. Creative Director Sandra Choi said: “We see fragrance as another accessory; we want women to feel as excited as they do when they buy a pair of shoes or a handbag.” Created by perfumer Christine Nigel, it’s a white floral scent featuring top notes of pink pepper and strawberry, with heart notes of Jasmine, White Lily and Tuberose – or in my quite not as sophisticated verdict: it smells pretty damn good.

The glass bottle and the glittery box are meant to be reminiscent of paparazzi flashlights, the ad campaign was shot by Stephen Meisel and features Natasha Poly lying on the floor of a club in the aftermath of a good night out (I don’t usually to look like that at the end of the night…).

Jimmy Choo Flash Eau De Parfum is currently exclusively available at Debenhams before it hits stores nationwide on January 28th, with prices starting at £36 for 40ml, £46 for 60ml and £62 for 100ml. There’s also a body lotion (£24) and shower gel (£22).

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  • Alex Loves (@alexlovesblog)

    BLOGGED: Jimmy Choo’s new fragrance FLASH! @jimmychooltd

  • Alex Loves (@alexlovesblog)

    Jimmy Choo’s newest perfume is called FLASH!

  • Alex Loves (@alexlovesblog)

    BLOGGED: Jimmy Choo launches its second fragrance, Flash, at the top of the Gherkin!

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