Alex Loves and Echo Falls at the Clothes Show

Echo Falls Clothes Show ©

Before Christmas I attended the 24th edition of the Clothes Show in Birmingham, where I was asked to do several blogging workshops at the Echo Falls wine bar – one of which was filmed and you can find in full below. My talk mostly focused on becoming a professional blogger and I really hope some of the people in the crowd managed to get something out of it!

As for the actual Clothes Show, it was my first time there, and was quite a… unique experience to be honest with you. There was definitely nothing like it growing up in Belgium, and although it’s not really aimed at my age group, I can see why young girls (and boys) would like it. It gives them a glimpse of the fashion industry (although mostly disguised as a selling fair with an inordinate amount of TOWIE people plugging their goods), which for some may be the closest they can get to it. It reminded me how I used to feel before I actually started working in the industry 7 years ago, although it felt like a bit of a caricature of what it is really like. The fashion show, styled by Henry Holland and Grace Woodward, featured more dancers and topless men (and screaming girls in the crowd) than actually focus on the clothing – quite far removed from the reality of a fashion show,  but that’s not to say it wasn’t at all entertaining. In fact, it made me thing perhaps the “real” shows could learn a thing or two about adding an element of entertainment to their shows.

As a whole I was left a little disappointed by what the Clothes Show offered in terms of real advice, insight and opportunities, which is why I think the Echo Falls’ blogger talks were perhaps some of the most interesting events there. Having a wide variety of bloggers engage with the crowd as well as great interviews by Poppy from What I Wore Today with industry personalities was perhaps the most interesting part of the event (at least for me), rather than being hounded by salesmen trying to flog celebrity-endorsed tat…

Thanks so much to Echo Falls for having me!


Echo Falls Clothes Show ©

Echo Falls Clothes Show ©







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