Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

IMG 0552 850x566 Dear Santa,You spoiled me rotten this year. I must have been a very good girl. 

See you next year…!

Love, Alex


IMG 0559 850x566 Dear Santa,

IMG 0573 850x566 Dear Santa,

Chanel Espadrilles… I don’t think I can wait until summer to wear them!

IMG 0562 850x566 Dear Santa,IMG 0574 850x566 Dear Santa,Proenza Schouler PS1 neon wallet, in preparation for the bag… next year perhaps, Santa?

IMG 0567 850x566 Dear Santa,

IMG 0572 850x566 Dear Santa,

McQ wrap razor bracelet IMG 0571 850x566 Dear Santa,

pixel Dear Santa,
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