Charlotte Olympia Does Christmas!

Charlotte Olympia Does Christmas!

Charlotte Olympia1 850x1213 Charlotte Olympia Does Christmas!
I’m not really a Christmassy clothing kind of girl, but absolutely, madly, crazy, stupidly in love with Charlotte Olympia’s Christmas Collection. All of it in my stocking, please!

1. Holly Suede Flats, £595 /// 2. Frostie Pouch, £395 /// 3. Silver Kitty Flats, £495 /// 4. Jingle Bell Dolly Velvet Platforms, £695  /// 5. Christmas Pudding Suede Clutch, £495 /// 6. Kiss Me Dolly Mistletoe Platforms, £625 /// 7. Mistletoe Pandora Perspex Clutch, £595 /// 8. Black Glitter Kitty Flats, £495 /// 9. Surprise Pandora Perspex Clutch, £595 ///

pixel Charlotte Olympia Does Christmas!
  • Alex Loves (@alexlovesblog)

    BLOGGED: Charlotte Olympia does Christmas! @charlottes_web

  • Charlie Elliott

    Oh God I don’t think I’ve ever wanted something so much ever! All of this is so amazing.

    • Alex Loves

      I KNOW!!!! (but so expensive…)

  • Alex Loves (@alexlovesblog)

    Coolest Christmas collection ever from Charlotte Olympia!

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