Celebrate Christmas with Levi’s

Levi's 1If you’re still stuck for Christmas shopping ideas, the lovely folks over at Levi’s have compiled a great little gift guide for both men and women, in stores and online now.

I was asked by Levi’s to pick a couple of pieces from the Christmas collection and style them my own way. I chose a cosy, thick-knitted cardigan (perfect for cold winter nights!) and a pair of Curve ID jeans. Considering I’ve not actually worn jeans in a couple of years, this challenge was a little terrifying, to say the least. But after being measured in the Levi’s store, I finally found jeans that fit me in all the right places (Bold Curve, of course) and I’m a denim-convert again!

For plenty more Levi’s gift ideas, check out the gift guides below!

Christmas with Levi's ©www.alexloves.comChristmas with Levi's ©www.alexloves.com Christmas with Levi's ©www.alexloves.comChristmas with Levi's ©www.alexloves.comChristmas with Levi's ©www.alexloves.com

Thank you Naomi and Kate for taking these pictures! 

Gifts for Her:Levi's 2 Christmas with Levi's ©www.alexloves.com

Gifts for Him:Levi's 5 Levi's 6

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