Raymond Blanc x Eurostar

Two weeks ago, I had the immense pleasure of having lunch with the charming Michelin-starred chef Raymond Blanc to celebrate the launch of his collaboration with Eurostar.

During our meal at the Covent Garden branch of Brasserie Blanc (not Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons, unfortunately), Mr. Blanc talked to us about his passion for the Eurostar – “it’s the umbilical cord between England and France, connecting our cultures forever” and how he was truly honoured to be asked to create the new food menus for Eurostar’s Business Premier travellers.

Working with 3 different kitchens (one in UK, one in France and one in Belgium), he’s created simple and traditional menus that promote each country’s specialities, with an emphasis on sustainability and local sourcing. I haven’t personally tried the new meals myself, but if he’s created them with even half the passion as he showed during our lunch, (he tried almost everyone’s food to make sure it was up to his standards, and was so convincing about the wonderfulness of escargots I almost – ALMOST – gave in and tried one), the food can only be amazing, making the journey on the train even more enjoyable. As a Belgian myself, I genuinely enjoy traveling back home on the Eurostar, so add great food to the mix and you’re on to a winner. The journey becomes part of the trip, rather than a necessary evil to get to somewhere else. Oh if only I could afford Business…

Raymond Blanc’s new menus have now rolled out on all Business Premier Eurostar journeys (sadly, not in Standard or Standard Premier at the moment).

Raymond Blanc x EurostarRaymond Blanc x EurostarRaymond Blanc

Raymond Blanc trying to convince me to eat one an escargot (and failing) and my signed copy of his latest cookbook

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