Movember Wishlist

movember wishlist
Ahh November… the month where every man attempts to be Tom Selleck but ends up with pubescent fluff on their upper lips. Us women have to endure the awkward face growths for a month, which is just no fun. So for girls who want to get in on the mo’ action, here’s some of my Movember picks out there right now…

1. Tierra Moustache Pumps, £19.99, from Missguided // 2. Tatty Devine Moustache ring, £9, from Selfridges // 3. Moustache Face Expander Watch, £22, from ASOS // 4. Moustache Mug, £6, from // 5. Fu Magnum Moustache Mug by Peter Ibruegger, £16.99, from Liberty // 6.Koku Moustache Shopper, £144, from ASOS // 7. Moustache Charm Bracelet, £8, from ASOS // 8. Pack of 3 Enamel Moustache Charm Rings, £8, from ASOS // 9. Box of six Moustache Christmas crackers, £57.95, from Selfridges // 10. Movember Charm, £45, from Links Of London

Even moooooo movember buys…. (see what I did there?)

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