Markus Lupfer for Whistles

markus Lupfer whistles                                                               Silk Pyjama Top, £125 /// Silk Pyjama Bottoms, £95

What do you get when you combine knitwear god Markus Lupfer with my favourite high street label Whistles? A cheeky collection packed with the best Christmas stocking fillers (look, we don’t like it either but Christmas is happening sooner than we’d like, so we may as well embrace it!).

The capsule collection features just about everything this girl needs/wants: luxurious silk pyjama’s, pretty tech covers and winter warming accessories, including a doggy sweater. I’ll have it all please! Now all I need for Christmas… is a dog to give the jumper to. Please send labrador puppies my way.

Markus Lupfer for Whistles is in stores and online now!

1. Knit Hat, £55 /// 2. Knit Scarf, £75 /// 3. Knit Mittens, £45 /// 4. Knit Dog Jumper, £45 /// 5. Hot Water Bottle Cover, £45 /// 6. Heart Print Scarf, £55

1. Fleur Tote, £175 /// 2. Heart Print iPhone Case, £40 /// 3. Tablet Holder, £85 /// 4. Make Up Bag, £65 /// 5. Purse, £115

And to get you in the Christmas mood, Whistles and Markus have also released this adorable, slightly tongue-in-cheek video…

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