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Ahhh… winter time! It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s a bit miserable, to be honest, so nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa, watching a girly movie with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, right? WRONG! There actually is something much, much better: coffee hour with Baileys. The clever people at Baileys have come up with a number of great coffee cocktail recipes,  so you can enjoy a cheeky hot drink in the evening.

For me, Baileys has always been a drink I’ve enjoyed over ice, so it was great to discover it in a whole new way. All the way back in September (oopsie, bit late wit this one…!), I was sent a box full of Baileys goodies so I could try out some of the recipes myself, so one miserable Saturday afternoon, a couple of helpful friends and I spent a couple of hours trying them out (all in the name of research of course!). As it turns out, coffee + Baileys is a combo made in heaven.

Below you’ll find a couple of our favourite Coffee Cocktails with Baileys… they’re delicious and a little bit naughty. Oh, and if I can give you one piece of advice: if you’re having more than one, consider using decaf coffee instead of regular. I couldn’t get to sleep that night, then I realised I had the equivalent of about 7 espresso’s…


Baileys Latte 

(simple and classicyet so, so nice!)

Pour 100ml of espresso (2 shots) into a latte glass. Combine 150ml of hot milk with 50ml Baileys and then slowly pour into the glass. 

IMG 8903 850x566 Coffee Cocktail Hour with Baileys

The Simple One

50ml Baileys Biscotti Flavour

25ml Grand Marnier

150ml cold-brewed strong and aromatic coffee

IMG 8910 850x566 Coffee Cocktail Hour with Baileys

Baileys Tiramisu Frappe

In a blender, mix 1 scoop of coffee ice cream, 1 shot of espresso, 50ml of Baileys Biscotti Flavour and 2 small biscotti or biscuits of your choice. Pour in the frappe and add a sprinkling of biscotti crumbs. 

IMG 4541 850x637 Coffee Cocktail Hour with Baileys

 My box of Baileys goodies… 

p.s. Thanks to Fabric Of My Life for making the cocktails look so nice.

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    I LOVE Baileys over ice…unfortunately I don’t like coffee but I have tried it with hot chocolate and it’s delicious! xx