Coffee Cocktail Hour with Baileys

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Ahhh… winter time! It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s a bit miserable, to be honest, so nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa, watching a girly movie with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, right? WRONG! There actually is something much, much better: coffee hour with Baileys. The clever people at Baileys have come up with a number of great coffee cocktail recipes,  so you can enjoy a cheeky hot drink in the evening.

For me, Baileys has always been a drink I’ve enjoyed over ice, so it was great to discover it in a whole new way. All the way back in September (oopsie, bit late wit this one…!), I was sent a box full of Baileys goodies so I could try out some of the recipes myself, so one miserable Saturday afternoon, a couple of helpful friends and I spent a couple of hours trying them out (all in the name of research of course!). As it turns out, coffee + Baileys is a combo made in heaven.

Below you’ll find a couple of our favourite Coffee Cocktails with Baileys… they’re delicious and a little bit naughty. Oh, and if I can give you one piece of advice: if you’re having more than one, consider using decaf coffee instead of regular. I couldn’t get to sleep that night, then I realised I had the equivalent of about 7 espresso’s…


Baileys Latte 

(simple and classicyet so, so nice!)

Pour 100ml of espresso (2 shots) into a latte glass. Combine 150ml of hot milk with 50ml Baileys and then slowly pour into the glass. 

Baileys Coffee Hour ©

The Simple One

50ml Baileys Biscotti Flavour

25ml Grand Marnier

150ml cold-brewed strong and aromatic coffee

Baileys Coffee Hour ©

Baileys Tiramisu Frappe

In a blender, mix 1 scoop of coffee ice cream, 1 shot of espresso, 50ml of Baileys Biscotti Flavour and 2 small biscotti or biscuits of your choice. Pour in the frappe and add a sprinkling of biscotti crumbs. 

Baileys Coffee Hour ©

 My box of Baileys goodies… 

p.s. Thanks to Fabric Of My Life for making the cocktails look so nice.

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