Sanderson Hotel, London

Sanderson Hotel London ©
Sanderson Hotel London © Sanderson
Sanderson Hotel London © Sanderson
Sanderson Hotel London ©
Sanderson Hotel London ©

The Room:
Sanderson Hotel London ©www.alexloves.comSanderson Hotel London ©www.alexloves.comSanderson Hotel London ©www.alexloves.comSanderson Hotel London ©www.alexloves.comSanderson Hotel London ©www.alexloves.comSanderson Hotel London ©www.alexloves.comSanderson London ©www.alexloves.comPhilippe Starck weightsSanderson Hotel London ©www.alexloves.comSanderson Hotel London ©www.alexloves.comObligatory bathroom mirror self-portraitSanderson London ©

Agua Spa
Sanderson London Agua SpaSanderson London Agua SpaSanderson London Agua Spa

Mad Hatter’s Tea PartySanderson London ©

Sanderson Sessions & Dinner at SukaSanderson London Suka ©www.alexloves.comSanderson London ©www.alexloves.comSaint Lou Lou at the Sanderson Sessions

Sanderson London Suka ©

Right after the craziness of London Fashion Week, I was invited to visit the infamous Sanderson hotel for a little staycation: a relaxing treatment at the gorgeous Agua Spa, a Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea, dinner and a gig at Suka restaurant and lush, giant bed to collapse in was exactly what the doctor ordered.

I’d visited the hotel before, but had never ventured further than the lobby and cocktails at the Long Bar, so I was excited to get the opportunity to explore the rooms, the spa and restaurant as well. The moment you walk through the front door of the hotel, you’re immediately transported into the wonderful whacky world of designer Philippe Starck – it’s witty, it’s fun, and quite frankly, sometimes a bit bonkers. From the eclectic seats in the lobby to the intergalactic elevators and even purple billiard room, around every corner you’ll find a surprise!

If the public spaces are all a bit sci-fi, over-the-top, colourful and mad, the rooms are the exact opposite: it’s a relaxing, almost zen-like haven of white and glass with very little fuss and frills. The only thing separating my glass bathroom from the bedroom was a retractable sheer curtain, giving you the illusion of a much larger space but still allowing for (some) privacy. The bouncy bed in the middle of the room was so big I could easily run laps around it, but then there was also a treadmill in my room, so I didn’t have to resort to that. Not that I could actually be tempted to run when there’s a huge soft bed right next to it…

Next stop was Agua Spa, which again is the complete opposite of the madness downstairs. At the Sanderson, they clearly don’t believe in the concept of walls, as all the rooms of the huge spa are simply divided with huge white curtains. The all-white interior, decorations, chillout zone and staff uniforms made me feel like I’d just stepped into Heaven, and after having the spa’s signature Milk & Honey body treatment, I most definitely felt heavenly (and also smelled a bit like I’d just had a swim in a giant bowl of Frosties).

From the spa, it was off to the Courtyard for the hotel’s famous Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea (which is so fun, I will review it separately), but I can tell you it’s a real must-do in London. Later in the evening we were back in the courtyard for dinner at Suka, the hotel’s Malaysian restaurant, whilst we caught Swedish/Australian band Saint Lou Lou playing a gig as part of the Sanderson Sessions, a regular free event which plays host to some great up-and-coming bands. A little browse in the Luna & Curious boutique and a game of pool in the purple and stained glass billiard room capped off a pretty amazing stay the Sanderson. Leaving the hotel in the morning I was sadly transported back into the “real world”, which just simply isn’t quite as fun and exciting as the magical world hidden behind those doors…

Sanderson Hotel
50 Berners Street
W1T 3NG London

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*Alex was a guest of the Sanderson hotel, but all views and opinions are 100% my own*

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