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I first discovered Supermarket Sarah a couple of years ago when she created one of her extraordinary installations for a Tatty Devine event, and later for Selfridges. Now her work has been assembled in a book, WonderWalls, a guide to creating your own beautiful interiors and walls. To celebrate the launch, we talked to Sarah Bagner, the girl behind the wall.

Hi there, who are you?
I am a stylist, author, web store owner, interior designer and agent, event organiser and sometimes teacher! I love creating interesting spaces, working with interesting people, selling interesting products.

What inspires you?
Markets. Places and objects which inspire stories. I love finding objects with a past and then adding something to them, customising them in a small way and then making them part of my story.

How did you get into creating walls?
I used to run a market stall in Portobello market and then developed the site from there. I wanted to replicate the idea of a market place online. Selfridges then asked me to do create a wall in there department store and it went from there…

If you weren’t Supermarket Sarah, what would you be doing right now?
I think everything I’ve done has led me to what and who I am now so, I can’t really think of what I would be doing if those things didn’t happen. I’ve always been interested in the creative world. I always played creative games when I was a child and I think I never really stopped ‘playing’. This book is very much about bringing ‘Play’ back into our lives so that seems like a thread I’ve hung onto.

Online or offline?
BOTH! I think they do work in different ways within sales of course but really I just love the simple format of a wall as a canvas.

Where will Supermarket Sarah be in 5 years time?
Its evolved into a platform for young talent  and is the core for key events that I put on throughout the year so in 5 years time I’d love to see it grow into an even bigger platform and to create more books from that. I love discovering young design, pushing it and seeing it thrive.
How does London influence your work?
London is my home and a huge inspiration for me. I love its diversity, its enormity and anonymity. Sometime I love it and hate it at the same time. Its so full of contradictions! Its a place where individuals think very freely and openly and so there’s creativity all around, and along with that a chaos which is quite beautiful.

Supermarket Sarah: Wonder Walls is out now and is published by CICO Books at £19.99, hardback, and available from all good bookshops Visit


Supermarket Sarah WonderWalls

Supermarket Sarah

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