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Chinti and Parker AW12Chinti and Parker AW12Chinti and Parker AW12Chinti and Parker AW12Chinti and Parker AW12

My 2 favourite Chinti and Parker pieces of the moment: “A” Letter Sweater and Star Print Sweater, both from Net-a-Porter

chinti-and-parker Goop

Chinti and Parker & Gwyneth Paltrow for GOOP moodboard

I’ve been a longtime fan of Chinti & Parker‘s wonderful cashmere sweaters, so I was pretty excited to meet founders and cousins Anna and Rachael at their press day last week. The core of the new SS13 collection remains the same – focusing on wardrobe staples like cashmere sweaters and cardigans – but there’s also a fresh injection of colour, soft cotton printed dresses, blouses and even trousers. There’s also the new letter sweaters – the “A” is obviously on my wishlist – and even a collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow for GOOP. And whilst Chinti and Parker is mostly about wardrobe essentials, I was happy to learn there’s actually a lot more to it than meets the eye, so I spoke to co-founder Anna about what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Hello there, who are you?
Anna Singh, co-founder of Chinti and Parker

What inspires you?
Ageless beauty. That might be an individual, a piece of clothing or a piece of art that that has enduring appeal and relevance.

Who is the Chinti and Parker woman?
The Chinti and Parker woman is someone who loves style and appreciates beautifully made clothing that whispers rather than screams. She dresses to feel at her best, which is often just about being able to drop her children at school, then commute to work all without worrying about what she’s wearing. Sometimes she wants something that garners a little more attention, but never at the expense of being able to sit down comfortably or move with ease.

How did you get into fashion design?
By free will or madness, depending on how it’s going!

What makes Chinti and Parker different to other brands?
Chinti and Parker aim to offer beautifully made clothing that you’ll want to wear and wear, regardless of current fashion diktats. The cut, the feel, the fit win you over, so that they’re the pieces you instinctively reach for when you want to look and feel good. We are also very principled about how our garments are produced, choosing natural fibres and organic where possible, supporting fair trade, and offsetting any carbon emissions and waste where applicable.

Where would you like to see Chinti and Parker in 5 years’ time?
With boutiques in key cities across the world, and a globally recognised name.

What’s it like working with family?
Challenging, but no more than working with friends or any business partner, really. The upside is incredible loyalty and tolerance when you differ.

What’s the one item every woman should have in their wardrobe?
I’m going to sound truly old before my time, but a Long Sleeve T by Chinti. I wear one every day during the winter. They really are the ultimate basic offering a sleek foundation, perfect for layering over for added warmth or wearing as something form-fitting to contrast beautifully with wide-leg pants or a full skirt. We update the colours each season, but always offer a core palette of grey, navy and white.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
The artist Daniel Buren. He’s something of a stripe fanatic, as are we!

Is there anyone you would love to see wearing your pieces?
We’re very fortunate in that we already boast some great celebrity fans including Alexa Chung and Gwyneth Paltrow, but I’d love to see Charlotte Rampling and Elle Fanning wear Chinti, even the same piece to prove how age and youth are irrelevant when it comes to timeless style.

If there was a soundtrack to your life, what would be playing right now?
Kate Bush – running up that hill!!


Shop Chinti & Parker AW12 collection below:

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