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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley launched her first lingerie range, Rosie for Autograph, at M&S this morning, and I was one of the lucky few who were invited to attend the event. Looking absolutely, almost impossibly gorgeous, Rosie talked us through her collection, her passion for lingerie, her inspirations (vintage! Art Deco!).

The collection is – and I don’t use this word lightly – absolute perfection. The soft colour palettes, the vintage inspiration, the fit, the variety in the styles (brazilian, high waisted, shorts, it’s all there, something for every shape), the price and best of all, the fact that all materials are luxurious but especially designed for machine washing. Hurrah! I think it’s fair to say the combination of all of these makes this the holy grail of lingerie.

Of the inspiration behind the collection, Rosie said: “To find inspiration for the collection, I trawled my favourite vintage shops and flea markets in London, LA and Paris where I found a treasure trove of gorgeous clothes and ornate pieces of jewellery, as well as pictures and patterns found in old design books and fashion magazines. I was particularly drawn to the opulent elegance of the 20s era which really shows in my designs from the sumptuous silks I chose to the intricate deco inspired embroidery detailing on the garments.”

The Rosie for Autograph collection will be in several drops – the first one being in stores and online right now. For October and November, the collection stays pretty similar in design, but uses slightly different colourschemes, as well as a range of gorgeous and luxurious cashmere nightwear, so keep an eye out for that!

p.s…. for the launch Rosie looked a million dollars, so imagine my surprise her expensive looking dress was M&S? You can find a similar style here for just £45.

Some pics of the launch:
Rosie for M&S ©www.alexloves.comRosie for M&S ©www.alexloves.comRosie for M&S ©www.alexloves.comRosie for M&S ©www.alexloves.comRosie for M&S ©www.alexloves.comRosie for M&S ©www.alexloves.comRosie for M&S ©www.alexloves.comRosie for M&S ©www.alexloves.comRosie for M&S ©www.alexloves.comRosie for M&S ©www.alexloves.comRosie for M&SRosie for M&S ©www.alexloves.comRosie for M&S ©
Some of my favourite pieces of the collection in stores now:
Rosie for M&S Rosie for M&S Rosie for M&S Rosie for M&S vRosie for M&S
More of Rosie looking… rosy.

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