Alex Loves is not just this blog. Oh no, that would be way too easy. We’re on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Newsletters, and more. It’s exhausting just thinking about it… You can follow, find, pin, like, stalk, love all things Alex Loves all over the interwebs. Here’s a little recap of where to find us:

The Alex Loves Facebook page – extra pictures and tidbits you won’t find on the blog.
Alex Loves Facebook


@alexlovesblog (the new official account, tweeting all things blog-related and some random rubbish by Alex and intern Claudia)
Alex Loves Twitter

And of course you can still find me on my personal account @alexxxje for my witty and interesting tweets (ahemmmm)
Alex Loves Twitter

Pinterest – pinning pretty much anything that strikes our fancy. Alexxxje
Alex Loves Pinterest

Instagram We’re all over Instagram, the best photo-app around. I’m @alexxxje – see you there! And if you don’t have a snazzy smartphone, you can just check them over on Tumblr (I know…): Stuff Alex Loves

The Alex Loves Newsletter – Comes out weekly, or at least we try. Join the mailing list, it looks a bit like this.

Bloglovin’ Because I make it into your “favourites” list. Alex Loves.

I’m sure by next week there will be 10 new social media platforms we just HAVE to join, so we’ll keep you posted if anything changes.

Happy stalking!

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