Belgian accessories label Delvaux lands at Selfridges

Age is an interesting little thing. Growing up in Belgium in my teens, I always thought accessories label Delvaux was a bit… well, let’s be honest, old-fashioned. At almost 180 years old, it’s the world’s oldest luxury accessories label after all. For as long as I can remember my grandmother has had a Delvaux bag and in fact, pretty much every other grandmother I know in Belgium proudly carries one. It is a classic label, but just not very “cool”. Now 10 years later, I suddenly catch myself thinking the bags are pretty awesome and I wouldn’t mind having one myself.

So what happened? At the launch of Delvaux and its exclusive range for Selfridges last week, I was positively drooling over them – and I wasn’t alone. A spokesperson for the brand told me she’s been working over the past few years to bring the brand into the 21st century, without ever forgetting its incredible legacy. Their classic “Le Brillant” shape may be almost 60 years old, but after being given a modern twist, it’s gone from old fashioned to covetable.

The boxy Madame shoulder model has more than a whiff of Sophie Hulme’s popular bags about it – although chances are, Miss Hulme wasn’t even born when the Madama was first designed. My point being, the bags are pretty damn awesome. And to celebrate the launch of Delvaux at Selfridges, they’ve designed 5 exclusive colour ranges of the “Le Brillant” bag, for sale alongside the rest of the collection in the Accessories Hall on the ground floor as of last week. The one downside is the rather hefty pricetag. Delvaux still produce by hand on a small scale (just around 7000 bags a year, which is just a fraction of what Chanel or Hermès produce, for example), making the bags even more special, and looking at my grandmother’s trusty little handbag she’s carried around forever, timeless.

Delvaux at Selfridges in stores and online now.

p.s. My camera died midway through the launch (again!), so apologies for my slightly shitty phone pics!

Delvaux Exclusives Selfridges ©

Le Brilliant in midnight blue/black, blue/orange, blue/fuchsia and black/white, all £2310, exclusive to Selfridges
Delvaux at Selfridges ©

The Madame in bi-colour (black/red), £1760, in red, £1760 and python trimmed, £2105
Delvaux at Selfridges ©

The bags on display on the Ground Floor
Delvaux at Selfridges ©www.alexloves.comDelvaux at Selfridges ©www.alexloves.comDelvaux at Selfridges ©www.alexloves.comDelvaux at Selfridges ©

Some artist-designed unique Delvaux bags as part of the Selfridges display
Delvaux at Selfridges ©

Picked up this neon Madame in amazement, before I realised it was in fact someone’s bag. The neon edition was launched a few seasons ago

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