Farfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comLast week I spent a perfect 24 hours in Paris with the lovely team from Farfetch to celebrate the launch of The Playlist, a new project in which they’ve collaborated with six of the world’s best independent music shops and two emerging bands to celebrate the spirit of independent music stores worldwide and the ever-evolving relationship between music and fashion.

To mark the launch, Farfetch asked both bands – S.C.U.M. and Singtank – to create a fashion film with them, as well as play an exclusive gig, one of those being the reason we travelled to Paris. Myself, Charlie May and Katie Chutzpah were invited to watch Singtank play a gig in the new RA Boutique – one of Farfetch’s partners. Singtank is an up-and-coming French brother/sister pop duo consisting of Alexandre and his sister Josephine de la Baume, a French actress and wife of Mark Ronson. We were lucky enough to have a chat with them before the gig, and they were absolutely adorable, down to earth and my god, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have dreams about Josephine’s beautiful red hair for months to come!

Although the trip was short, we managed to pack a lot into the day, with a visit to L’Éclaireur, another one of Farfetch’s partners and one of the best shops I’ve been to in a long time (full review to follow in another post), afternoon tea at the Ritz, drinks in a secret bar (so secret, I don’t know what it’s called), a midnight Steak Tartare and a few hours sleep at Hotel Le Général (review to follow later as well).

Click here to find out more about The Playlist and make sure you have a look at the lovely fashion film Singtank created with Farfetch below, called “Lonsdale Road” (because that’s where it was shot. Get it?)
A big, massive, huge thank you to Farfetch for taking us, and spoiling us absolutely rotten!

p.s. if you like Singtank, they’re playing at Koko in London this Friday (May 4th!)

Farfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comPayton and Byrne breakfast on the EurostarFarfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comMy new Tusting bag got to go with me on its first tripFarfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comThese were waiting for me in the hotel room… nom nomFarfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comCharlie May aka Girl a la ModeFarfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comFarfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comL’Éclaireur (review to follow)Farfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comFarfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comAfternoon tea at the Ritz (and my midnight steak tartare)Farfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comFarfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comFarfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comReady for the party!Farfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comFarfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comFarfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comFarfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comFarfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comFarfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comSingtank at the new RA Boutique. Never been to an event before where Absinthe was served…Farfetch The Playlist Singtank ©www.alexloves.comCharlie, Karen and me – I may look wasted, but I wasn’t drunk, promise! Not yet at least…

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