My very own Tusting bag!

Tusting ©www.alexloves.comSometimes I’m the luckiest girl in the world! Yesterday I finally got to pick up the beautiful holdall bag I got to help design with English Heritage brand Tusting – and it’s a beauty! Back in February when there was still snow on the ground (read: me falling flat on my face at one point), I was invited to visit the factory in Lavendon, where 5 generations of the Tusting family has been perfecting their leather craft over the past 130 years.

These days the family-run business is known for its beautiful, classic leather luggage created entirely in the factory by local craftsmen (and women). I got a tour around the workshop to see the gorgeous bags being made completely by hand – such a rarity these days! This is one of the few companies that can truly claim “Made In England”, and that’s something to be proud of. Alongside their own luggage, they also make bags for the likes of Church’s and Aston Martin. Whilst I was there, they were also working on an exciting collaboration with Richard Nicoll and Vodafone for London Fashion Week. You can see the result here

After the interesting tour – you just won’t believe how much work goes into these pieces – I was allowed to design my very own custom made bag. I chose a classic holdall (which will come in handy on my overnight trip to Paris tomorrow) in a navy canvas and bright orange leather – a modern twist on a classic style. It’s absolutely divine! It may look simple, but my bag was made out of 80 different pieces! And a little birdie told me Tusting liked my colour combo so much, they might even start rolling it out!

A big, big thank you to Tusting for allowing me a peak behind the scenes of a very inspirational company, and for my beautiful custom-made bag! This one will go with me on endless adventures in the future, no doubt.

Tusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©

Having fun with my baby!
Tusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©

One of the bags Tusting make for Church’s
Tusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©

Some of the finished products:
Tusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©

Choosing the colour samples for my bag!
Tusting Alex Loves

Some of the 80 pieces used to make my bag
Tusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©www.alexloves.comTusting ©

Samples of the charging technology Tusting created with Richard Nicoll and Vodafone for London Fashion Week!

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