I always LOVE meeting people I’ve been speaking to for ages on Twitter. I love it even more when they’re not just lovely in real life, but have just about all my dream jewellery lying around their desk. That’s what happened yesterday when I finally met with Emma of StyleSequel, a website selling pre-owned designer goods.

There’s second hand, there’s vintage, and then there’s StyleSequel. Although I tried my hardest, Emma would not reveal where she sources her stock from (by the looks of it, I’m guessing some well-dressed, well-connected ladies!), but a lot of the pieces have hardly ever been worn, if worn at all. The stock ranges from original Seventies YSL clothing to current season (with tags) and everything in between, as well as jewellery and accessories to die for! When I was there, they were in the process of photographing a bunch of YSL Arty rings – my size – which I can’t stop thinking about…

Below are just some of the gems I found – check out the many, many other ones on (or perhaps you have some lying around they could sell?)

StyleSequel ©
Classic Balenciaga and Chanel jacketsStyleSequel ©www.alexloves.comChristian Louboutin studded thigh-high boots…StyleSequel ©… clearly NEVER been worn!StyleSequel ©www.alexloves.comMore Chanel…StyleSequel ©www.alexloves.comAlexander McQueen accessories galore… I already have the cardholder and bracelet, but now I want the set!

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