Is it a cassette? Is it a heel? Oh no, it’s Cleo B’s Sucker MC’s!

Ahhhh I’ve been obsessing about these Cleo B “Sucker MC” heels for a while now, they just make me smile. They’re not in stores yet, but when they are, I’ll need to go and find out for myself if they’re as cool and comfy as they look.

To be continued.

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  • Miss @Alexxxje from Alex Loves loves the @CleoB_London Sucker MCs! We do too (but we’re a bit biased)

  • oh my how stunning are they, it is like the perfect shoe!!! yes i can completely understand why you are obsessed about them! and those cassettes make me so nostalgic 

    • I know! I kind of miss cassettes! But now you can wear them… :) x 

  • AnoukLannoo

    woaaaaaaaaaaaa awesomeee! :)

  • I tried these on the other day and *almost* bought them- wish I had!! They are uber funky and incredibly comfy and easy to walk in. Buy buy buy!!