Temperley London For Filofax

Temperley for Filofax ©www.alexloves.com

When I heard Temperley London collaborated with Filofax, I was a little puzzled. Now I got my hands on the result, I get it: Temperley added a touch of glamour and excitement to something that isn’t always that exciting – personal organisers. The 2 limited edition organisers have been given a chic makeover on the outside – The Affair is covered in Temperley London’s signature cream and black lace, whilst The Guinea features a textured calfskin leather cover that has been printed in black and white to emulate guinea fowl feathers.

It’s not just the outside that looks good though – inside the organisers you’ll find everything from a personal note from Alice and seasonal recipes by HIX to international clothing size converters, a tube map and even basic yoga instructions. There’s also a section where Alice shares her favourite festivals and places and markets in London, Paris, New York and LA. As Alice explains in the video below, it’s a collection for busy women who juggle work and travel and family life and need something functional, but still want the style. And of course, because it’s Filofax, you can just buy new inserts when the year is over, so this beautiful organiser doesn’t go to waste.

Everyone I know knows I’m a complete disorganised mess. Maybe if I had an organiser this pretty, I could finally get my life sorted?

The Affair, £375 and The Guinea, £399 are now available from Temperley London and Filofax

Temperley for Filofax ©www.alexloves.comTemperley for Filofax ©www.alexloves.comTemperley for Filofax ©www.alexloves.comTemperley for Filofax ©www.alexloves.comTemperley for Filofax ©www.alexloves.comTemperley for Filofax ©www.alexloves.comTemperley for Filofax ©www.alexloves.com

Below is a little clip of Alice in her studio talking about the collaboration – beautiful video!

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