Style Scrapbook for Kipling, part 2

As a blogger, a computer and good camera are the tools of our trade, we just can’t live without. I made the switch to using an SLR camera full-time just a few months ago and suddenly I was faced with a problem: the camera did not fit in my Chanel bag (there’s blogger issues for you). I started looking around for a pretty camera bag, only to find there are absolutely none out there. Carrying a bulky neoprene camera bag with you to events whilst trying to look elegant just didn’t work for me… It is such a big part of the blogger lifestyle, yet it just didn’t fit into mine.

Now, after many, many conversations with other bloggers, it turned out I wasn’t the only one frustrated by the lack of fashionable SLR camera bags out there. So it came as no surprise that the first bag to finally tick all my boxes was, in fact, designed by a blogger. Last year, Belgian accessories label Kipling collaborated with Andy from Style Scrapbook to create a stylish, yet functional case. They were so limited edition, the bags were all sold out immediately. For SS12 – and as part of Kipling’s 25th birthday celebrations – they’ve come back with a new collection featuring more models and colours: an iPad case, and 3 different sized camera cases in black, red and white.

The range launches today in select stores and online. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the SLR case over a month ago and love having something I’m actually proud of carrying, not desperately trying to hide away in a carrier bag. The cases are fashionable, the chain strap makes you feel like you’re just carrying a handbag, but above all, my precious camera is safe.

Style Scrapbook x Kipling Style Scrapbook x Kipling

My case:
Style Scrapbook x Kipling Style Scrapbook x Kipling Style Scrapbook x Kipling Style Scrapbook x Kipling

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