Mark Fast for Jonathan Aston

Mark Fast x Jonathan Aston ©www.alexloves.comFresh from his amazing show at London Fashion Week (my review still coming up!), Mark Fast launched a new collaboration with hosiery label Jonathan Aston last week. Mark Fast is known for his intricate knitwear, a look which lends itself perfectly to tights, leggings, bodywear and socks – so the collaboration seems like a logical move for both labels.

The first collection consists of three looks – Double Vision, Honeycomb and Woollies – in a variety of colours. Of the collaboration, Mark Fast said: “Working with Jonathan Aston has been a great adventure of experimenting with new technologies to create sexy hosiery for a broad audience. I am excited to see how the colours of the collection interpret in the high street and how the women will style these pieces in their wardrobe.”

I may not be a huge “fashion tights” fan personally – I’ll have mine just plain black, please – but I’m a big Mark Fast fan and I love how he’s reinvented the “body” as a must-have item again. The best part of this collaboration is that it makes getting the Mark Fast look a little bit more accessible to the general public, with prices starting from £15 for hosiery, and from £35 for the bodywear. FAST at Jonathan Aston lands in stores in August!

p.s. I do apologise for the horrendous quality of my pictures – I somehow managed to forget my camera, so these were taken on my phone. Bad blogger!

Mark Fast x Jonathan Aston ©www.alexloves.comMark Fast x Jonathan Aston ©www.alexloves.comMark Fast x Jonathan Aston ©www.alexloves.comMark Fast x Jonathan Aston ©www.alexloves.comMark Fast x Jonathan Aston ©www.alexloves.comMark Fast x Jonathan Aston ©www.alexloves.comMark Fast x Jonathan Aston ©

Jonathan Aston and Mark Fast

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