We’ve known about the Diane Von Furstenberg and GapKids collaboration for a while now, but at last it’s (almost) here! The result? It’s colourful, and fun and totally DVF – there’s even tiny little wrapdresses… The collection launches in the US on the 15th, and the UK on the 28th of March, but below is a selection of some of my favourite pieces (and there’s much more!).

GAP DVF First Look: DVF for GapKids!
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pixel First Look: DVF for GapKids!
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    DVF for GapKids! What do you think? I think I need to get me a little girl to dress up. Anyone have a spare? http://t.co/gvO07Utx

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    Adore: DVF for GapKids! http://t.co/gvO07Utx

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    The Diane Von Furstenberg for Gap Kids collaboration launches next week! Will you be buying any of it for your kids? http://t.co/mcnh9Op6