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ChambordI love Chambord. Whenever I see the beautiful bottle anywhere, I get such fond memories of my first few seasons at London Fashion Week, where we’d always get a glass of champagne with Chambord before each show (oh, how times have changed!). So when they approached me to do a little video with them for their Facebook page, I of course jumped at the opportunity. Talking about fashion whilst sipping one of my favourite drinks? Yes, please! I even *almost* forgot about my terrible fear of cameras and managed to get through it without too many retakes (ahem…), and you can see the result below. (I haven’t actually watched it myself, because I can’t stand seeing and hearing myself on camera!)

After the interview, the lovely folks from Chambord gave me a jumbo-sized bottle of the raspberry liqueur, so I decided to create some lush cocktails with it. There’s lots of great cocktail recipes on the Chambord Facebook page, but we decided to invent our own. All for your benefit, of course! You’re very welcome… Anywhoooo, below you’ll find the video and 3 of the recipes which got a unanimous yes from my guests.

Make sure you check out the Chambord Facebook page to see some of the previous blogger videos (which include Fashion Foie Gras and Mademoiselle Robot).

Chambord ©
Chambord ©
Chambord & Champagne
The best way to enjoy Chambord fully is in champagne, no doubt about it. This is a little update on the classic drink!
2/3 Champagne (or Cava!)
1/6 Chambord
1/6 Elderflower Cordial
Mint leaf and raspberry for garnishing

Chambord ©
Chambord, Vodka and Ginger Beer
A really fresh, summery cocktail. Definitely hit the spot for me!
1/4 Chambord
1/4 Vodka (I used Russian Standard Gold – never get a hangover with this one!)
1/2 Ginger Beer
A dash of cranberry juice
A dash of lemon juice
Black and Red raspberries for garnishing

Chambord ©
Chambord Island Ice Tea
We named it that way, because there’s a lot of different spirits in this one! There’s so much fruit in this one, I’m pretty sure one of these actually counts as one of your five-a-day!
1/5 Chambord
1/5 Rum (we used Bacardi)
1/5 Gin (Tanqueray – the one and only)
1/5 Tonic water
1/5 Fresh Strawberry, Raspberry and Mint puree (popped them all in my beloved Magimix, and boom! – a lovely fresh and fruity juice!)
A dash of lemon juice


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