Alice Menter Jewellery ©www.alexloves.comNow, I think I know what you’re thinking. Why on earth would you put jewellery in mini Le Creuset casseroles and photograph them in the snow? But I think the real question here is: why not?

When I was first introduced to young British designer Alice Menter‘s jewellery, I immediately fell for the heavy, chunky gold bracelets (100% my kind of style). Then a few days ago, I ran to the PR agency, grabbed whatever I could get my hands on, went home and sat staring at my loot wondering how to photograph them. I tried a few shots with me wearing them, but quite frankly, I never quite got the hang of doing style shots by myself so I gave up. Then I tried displaying them in funny locations around the house, but that wasn’t working for me either. Then my eye fell on my little orange Le Creuset casseroles, which have been sat on top of my hob ever since I got them, unused, sad, wasting away. I put the jewellery inside, ran to the last small patch of snow left outside and started shooting. Quite frankly, this shoot has been the most excitement they’ve seen since I jumped up and down in the shop proclaiming “I’ll use these ALLLLL the time! SOOOOO worth the investment!!!” the day I bought them.

Anyway, that’s the story of how Alice Menter ended up in my casseroles. As for the jewellery, it’s pretty simple: I love it all. I love how she uses everyday items like zippers, nuts and bolts and creates beautiful, hardwearing, chunky jewellery. When it comes to jewellery, I don’t really like delicate little things – bigger is definitely better. The “Isla” cuffs feel nice and solid on the arm, and they can all slot together to make an “über-cuff”, if you will.

And don’t worry, I returned everything to the PR agency. Reluctantly.

Alice Menter Jewellery ©www.alexloves.comAlice Menter Jewellery ©www.alexloves.comAlice Menter Jewellery ©www.alexloves.comAlice Menter Jewellery ©www.alexloves.comAlice Menter Jewellery ©www.alexloves.comAlice Menter Jewellery ©www.alexloves.comAlice Menter Jewellery ©www.alexloves.comAlice Menter Jewellery ©www.alexloves.comAlice Menter Jewellery ©www.alexloves.comAlice Menter Jewellery ©

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  • (@Alexxxje) (@Alexxxje)

    Say hello to Alice Menter Jewellery, and the story of how it ended up in my Le Creuset casseroles. (@alicementer)

  • Raffles Bizarre

    LOVE THESE!! Totally my style.

    • Alex Loves

      They’re supercute :)

  • Bay & Fyfe (@bayandfyfe)

    Super beautiful chunky jewels from UK’s Alice Menter RT @alexxxje: Say hello to Alice Menter Jewellery!

  • (@Alexxxje) (@Alexxxje)

    Glad you like! xxx RT @alicementer Lovely feature about @alicementer by @Alexxxje Thank u x

  • Chicfantastique

    Cool photo shoot. I am just writing about the chunky Isla cuff. Great blog piece. I wish I could have the jewellery sent to me for a day or three xx