LFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.comLondon Fashion Week AW12 kicked off yesterday with a bang. To say I started a little bleary-eyed is an understatement (I blame the epic Björn Borg party the night before for that), but being picked up by the Bracher Emden cab (which had some goodies waiting for me!) made it a bit better!

I won’t do full reviews until after it’s all over – as I want to give them my full and undivided attention, but here’s some highlights from Day 1!


p.s. Don’t forget you can catch the live streaming of the shows all this week on this blog!

LFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.com

I had the most fashionable ride to London Fashion Week, courtesy of Bracher Emden!
LFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.com
Antoni & Alison kicked off LFW with a series of printed silk dresses
LFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.com
My lovely lifesavers Emma and Alix, who are helping me out this week! Thanks, girls!
LFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.comLFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.comLFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.comLFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.com
Corrie Nielsen gave us another showstopping collection… Had a great view from my front row seat, which has phone chargers hidden underneath, how genius! Thanks, Vodafone!

LFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.comLFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.comLFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.comLFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.comLFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.com
Last season’s Fashion Fringe winners Fyodor Golan proved they were the right choice. Stunning, dramatic, triumphant.
LFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.comLFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.com
Bora Aksu goes soft and girly
LFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.comLFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.com
Orla Kiely’s tea dance was just so much fun to watch, I stayed for an hour
LFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.comLFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.com
Jean-Pierre Braganza stuck to his winning combo of rock ‘n roll and prints
LFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.comLFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.com
A much-needed and well deserved cocktail break courtesy of the most fashionable hotel in town – One Aldwych!
LFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.comLFW AW12 ©www.alexloves.com
Basso & Brooke’s signature digital prints brightened up my day…

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