London Fashion Week 2012: Day 2 Highlights

A look at some of my personal highlights of Day 2 of London Fashion Week AW12! Full reviews to come later, of course!

Jasper Conran ©www.alexloves.comJasper Conran ©www.alexloves.comJasper Conran ©www.alexloves.comJasper Conran ©

Jasper Conran AW12 Backstage and show
John Rocha AW12 ©www.alexloves.comJohn Rocha AW12 ©
John Rocha AW12
MARKUS LUPFER AW12 ©www.alexloves.comMARKUS LUPFER AW12 ©
Markus Lupfer presentation

A look around the exhibition:

Topshop NewGen ©
Topshop’s NEWGEN T-shirts on display
Sister by Sibling’s Barbie collaboration
LFW AW12 ©
Discovered Lucas Nascimento’s minty fresh collection
Michael Van Der Ham AW12 ©www.alexloves.comMichael Van Der Ham AW12 ©
Major lust for Michael Van Der Ham’s colourful handbags
Christopher Raeburn AW12 ©www.alexloves.comChristopher Raeburn AW12 ©
Christopher Raeburn AW12

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