A London Fashion Week Outfit by New Look

London Fashion Week is just around the corner, and so begins my twice-yearly panic to find my perfect fashion week outfits. It’s not as easy as it sounds – as much as I’d like to throw on my favourite party dresses, many years of experience has taught me several things: an outfit needs to be adaptable. It needs to get you through long days, you have to be able to stand in the cold in the queue outside and deal with hot packed venues once inside. A big bag for all your gadgets, tickets, etc is a must. Tottering around on high heels is only really possible if you have a car bringing you from venue to venue, so cool flats are a must. An unexpected invite to one of the many afterparties means you have to be able to transform your outfit into a party dress… here are some of my picks from New Look!

1: Zuzi Zuzi Spotty Bow Dress, £34.99 Fun day-to-night dress, can be dressed up and down

2: Tailored Waterfall Blazer, £24.99 Easy option for layering to take on and off!

3: Icon Eyewear Vintage Ava Sunglasses, £14.99 Because no one wants to see those tired, hung over bags under your eyes, dahling!

4: Geometric Enamel Collar Necklace, £7.99 All about the statement jewellery!

5: Pieces Oval Green Ring, £8.99 Adds a colour pop!

6: Mink and Black Colour Block Tote Bag, £19.99 A big tote is every fashion girl’s must have!

7: Limited Edition Studded Leather Brogues, £44.99 Comfy but still with tons of edge!

8: Cut Out Peep Toe Wedge, £24.99 Yes, they’re high, but the wedge heel will keep your tired feet a little bit more comfortable..

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