Shanghai Tang & Moleskine Celebrate Chinese New Year

To celebrate the Chinese New Year (on Jan. 23), luxury brand Shanghai Tang has collaborated with Moleskine to create 2 limited edition notebooks.

In honour of the Year of the Dragon, the notebooks come embossed with a dragon on the front cover, and in 2 different models: a traditional palin notebook, and more interestingly, a Feng Shui Diary, inspired by Chinese culture. The Feng Shui Diary is packed full of interesting pages, including horoscopes, tips on how to organise your household, an introduction to the traditional Chinese Almanac, etc.

Shanghai Tang for Moleskine notebooks are available to buy online now and in stores on January 23. Prices are £30 for the plain notebook, £40 for the Feng Shui Diary.
Shanghai Tang Moleskine Chinese New YearShanghai Tang Moleskine

And speaking of cool collaborations… How cool is this Shanghai Tang limited edition Nespresso CitiZ coffee machine? I’d quite like a dragon on mine, actually!
Shanghai Tang Nespresso CitiZ

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