I’m verrry excited to share with you a little sneak preview of Achica.com’s incredible watch sale starting next week. I have written about Achica before on the blog, but if you don’t know them, Achica is a members-only home & lifestyle discount website, which does daily sales lasting for just 48 hours. Every so often they have amazing fashion sales, like the Chanel vintage jewellery one a few months back, and now they’re back with another winner.

I have always loved the Hermès wrap watches, as they’re such a timeless classic. They somehow seem to transcend age and trends – I know girls my age and I know women my mom’s age who have one of these and they all look supernice wearing them. If like me you don’t like wearing too much jewellery around the wrist, a wrap watch takes care of your watch or bracelet dilemma.

A selection of the Hermès watches goes on sale on Feb 4th at 7am (there’s a great purple strap one in there), with some for the boys as well (by Bremont and Technomarine), all at up to 50% off. Perfect Valentine’s Day gift if ever I saw one.

Hermes Watch Achica

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  • http://twitter.com/Alexxxje/status/162771349968916480/ Alex Vanthournout (@Alexxxje)

    BLOGGED: Hermès Watches Go On Sale at Achica! http://t.co/yeaKTYcz

  • http://www.theblossomshed.blogspot.com/ The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

    Oh I would kill for a classic orange one of these – I have a Hermes saddle – clearly I need a watch to go with it:)

  • http://www.absolutelymrsk.blogspot.com Absolutely Mrs. K

    my mum was telling me, i would like to have a wrap hermes watch, really! so i definitely going to show her this! thanks for the tip 

  • http://twitter.com/Alexxxje/status/162847525731172352/ Alex Vanthournout (@Alexxxje)

    Fancy an Hermès bargain? Some classic wrap watches are going on sale at @achica_tweets next week! Valentine’s sorted! http://t.co/yeaKTYcz

  • http://twitter.com/ACHICA_Jonathan/status/162863600980070400/ Jonathan Bird (@ACHICA_Jonathan)

    Amazing write up on our #Hermès watch sale next week by the lovely @Alexxxje from Alex Loves http://t.co/KIh5PXjb TY! :D (@ACHICA_Tweeta)