Corrie Nielsen gets her own ice cream flavour!

Corrie Nielsen, an Alex Loves favourite, is getting her own ice cream flavour for London Fashion Week at luxury gelateria Scoop.

To coincide with London Fashion Week and the opening of Scoop’s new South Kensington shop, they invited Fashion Fringe winner Corrie Nielsen to create her ultimate flavour (dream come true, or what?!). The Corrie Nielsen will be an extra dark chocolate with a hint of orange blossom from Paris.

Of the – slightly odd – collaboration, Corrie said: “I can’t believe I’m getting an ice cream named after me and that I got to help design the flavour. I’m beyond honoured and I hope people love it! This is definitely going to be one of the most memorable collaborations of my design career. Scoop has been wonderful, and they truly are the most luxurious of gelatos, hands down.”

What’s even better, all first and second row guests at her catwalk show on Feb 17th will get a voucher for a free scoop of Corrie in one of the 3 shops (available from Feb 17-22).

Hurrah! I’m so there!

Corrie Nielsen

Corrie in a deep discussion about ice cream flavours… or maybe not.

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